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  • Our Business Improvement Area

    What is a Business Improvement Area?

    A Business Improvement Area (BIA) is a geographic area in a municipality composed of property owners and business operators. The Roncesvalles Village BIA is managed by an elected Board of Management of 18 volunteers, plus the local Councillor, plus community representatives. The legislation regulating Business Improvement Areas is set out in sections 204-215 of the Municipal Act.

    A BIA allows local business people and property owners to join together to

    • improve, beautify and decorate the streets and buildings within the BIA
    • promote the area as a business and shopping area
    • recruit new businesses
    • host special events

    The BIA is funded by the property owners through a special levy, calculated proportionately for each property based on its assessed value.

    Toronto presently has 72 BIAs, and they are supported by the Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas (TABIA), which is the umbrella organization for Toronto's BIAs.

    Click here for a printable map of Roncesvalles Village.

    You can reach the Roncesvalles Village BIA office at or (416) 537-2701.

    Our mailing address is:

    Roncesvalles Village BIA
    #233-412 Roncesvalles Avenue
    Toronto, Ontario
    M6R 2N2

    2010-2014 Roncesvalles Village BIA Board of Management

    John Bowker
    She Said Boom! (393 Roncesvalles Avenue)
    Vice-Chair, Chair of Beautification Committee
    (416) 531-6843

    Tony Cauch
    Scotiabank (203 Roncesvalles Avenue)
    Chair, Chair of Executive Committee
    (416) 233-2190

    Andrew Chomentowski
    281 Roncesvalles Ave.
    Chair Emeritus, Chair of Marketing and Promotions Committee
    (416) 537-9572

    Donovan Clarke
    Re/Max Realty (177 Roncesvalles Avenue)
    (416) 762-7711 x 223

    Linda Marlene Eales
    All One Holistic Clinic (141a Roncesvalles Avenue)
    Secretary of the Board
    (647) 439-9769

    Melissa Fox-Revett
    Blue Plate Restaurant (392 Roncesvalles Avenue)
    (416) 538-7500

    Catherine Huizenga
    Mrs. Huizenga (121 Roncesvalles Avenue)
    (416) 533-2112

    Aasil Marhon
    The Little Hair Shop (477 Roncesvalles Avenue)
    (416 588-5552

    Len McAuley
    Pollocks Home Hardware (347 Roncesvalles Avenue)
    Chair, Properties and Maintenance Committee
    (416) 535-1169

    Iwona Rogozinski
    Copernicus Lodge (66 Roncesvalles Avenue)
    (416) 536-7122

    Brian Teeney
    Homestead Tax Services (452 Roncesvalles Avenue)
    (416) 538-2229

    John Wakulat
    Pollocks Carpet Market (349 Roncesvalles Avenue)
    Chair Emeritus
    (416) 239-6627

    Scott Worsley
    The Film Buff (73 Roncesvalles Avenue)
    (416) 534-7078

    Gord Perks
    City Councillor, Ward 14
    (416) 392-7919

    Brian Bertrand (community advisor)
    High Park Library (228 Roncesvalles Avenue)
    (416) 393-7671

    Pastor Adam Rumball (community advisor)
    High Park Baptist Church (9 Hewitt Avenue)
    (416) 534-4225

    Keith Denning
    Roncesvalles Village BIA, #233 - 412 Roncesvalles Ave.